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The Contempo Illuminated Slique™ Mirror exudes sleek, modern sophistication, with twin bands of lights framing the edge, capped by square mirror accents at the corners. A soft perimeter light casts a soft halo glow on the wall behind the mirror. The innovative LumenTouch™ dimmer allows you to go from nightlight to ultra-bright make-up applications with just a touch on the glass. Plus, a built-in full-width defogger with its own independent on/off touch sensor means your mirror will always be moisture-free and crystal clear.

Features and Benefits
  • Ultra-Slim Profile 3/4˝ Floating Frame: Engineered to house our powerful compact electronics, and still float elegantly just a mere 3/4˝ off-the-wall! A Madeli exclusive—less than half the depth of most brands.

  • Dual Light Functionality: Exclusive Acrylens™ acrylic medium evenly diffuses fully customizable, surround lighting for shadow-free reflection, plus soft, diffused perimeter lighting on wall for accent or nightlight effect.

  • PureClear™ LEDs provide the dual benefit of 4000 kelvin natural daylight temperature and the nearly perfect color accuracy and reproduction of high quality CRI 90+ light sources. Ideal for task lighting and preferred by professional makeup artists!

  • LumenTouch™ dimmer for integrated light intensity control without the need for wall dimmers.

  • Built-in Full-Width Defogger with Independent on/off touch switch means a fog free mirror every time.

  • Copper free with GreenShield™ protective backing to avoid potential black edges.

  • Safety film backed mirror for added confidence.

  • Aluminum French Cleat hangers for functional and easy installation.

  • Dual installation: can be hung vertically or horizontally, offering 15 configurations.

  • Certified to UL/ULC

  • Lifetime Limited Warranty for peace of mind.

Specifications, Installation and User's Guide
Available Sizes
Lumen Touch™ Dimmer Acrylens Wall Glow Defogger With On/Off Switch Width Height Item *
20" 42" IM-CT2042-00
24" 42" IM-CT2442-00
24" 48" IM-CT2448-00
30" 42" IM-CT3042-00
36" 42" IM-CT3642-00
42" 20" IM-CT2042-00 *
42" 24" IM-CT2442-00 *
42" 30" IM-CT3042-00 *
42" 36" IM-CT3642-00 *
42" 42" IM-CT4242-00
42" 48" IM-CT4842-00 *
48" 24" IM-CT2448-00 *
48" 42" IM-CT4842-00
60" 42" IM-CT6042-00
72" 42" IM-CT7242-00

* This size comes with the 2 (On/Off and Defogger) switches located in the bottom-left corner in a vertical configuration

20" x 42"

24" x 42"

24" x 48"

30" x 42"

36" x 42"

42" x 20" *

42" x 24" *

42" x 30" *

42" x 36" *

42" x 42"

42" x 48" *

48" x 24" *

48 " x 42"

60" x 42"

72 " x 42"

* This size comes with the 2 (On/Off and Defogger) switches located in the bottom-left corner in a vertical configuration

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