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Features and Benefits

Ultra-Slim Profile

Madeli’s Slique™ illuminated mirrors offer unique features not found in today’s lighted mirrors. Unlike standard, 2˝ bulky aluminum box frames, Slique™ mirrors feature Madeli’s exclusive, low-profile frame engineered to house our powerful compact electronics, and still float elegantly a mere 3/4˝ off-the-wall. Slique™ mirrors are the ultra-slim, stylish and superbly efficient new alternative to yesterday’s boxy, lighted mirrors.


PureClear™ LED light provides a bright and natural 4000 kelvin daylight temperature combined with the nearly perfect color accuracy and reproduction of quality light sources with a color rendering index of CRI 90+. This powerful combination makes it the ideal choice for task lighting and makeup applications preferred by professional makeup artists.


Acrylens™, our exclusive clear acrylic medium, is engineered to diffuse PureClear™ natural, fully dimmable lighting at various intensities for all your needs. Acrylens™ also provides the unique dual benefit of powerful front task lighting with a rear, perimeter wall glow accent using the same light source. This means you get superb lighting efficiency and energy savings at all lumens!


With LumenTouch™ surface backlit dimmer, you’ll be able to use Touch technology to effortlessly turn the light on or off and adjust the intensity from nightlight to brighter make-up application settings—by touching the glass sensor. There’s no need for a wall dimmer with LumenTouch™!

Built-in Defogger

All Slique™ mirrors come standard with built-in full-width defoggers for a crisp, clear reflection. No more need to wipe the glass, leaving streaks and marks. And no more need for an on/off dimmer wall switch to operate the defogger. An integrated Touch technology surface switch right on the glass lets you turn the defogger on and off independently of the light.

Quality and Safety

As you’d expect, Madeli’s Slique™ mirrors second-generation copper-free mirrors are engineered for quality, with GreenShield™, a green, environment-friendly protective backing designed to avoid potential black edges, as well as with a safety film backing.

Ultra Slim profile frame is only 3/4˝ off the wall
With PureClear™ CRI 90+ 4,000 kelvin natural lighting
CRI 75 lighted mirrors
Built-in light dimmer switch
  • Turns sensor blue light on/off

  • Turns light on or off

  • Controls light brightness

Built-in full-width defogger with independent switch
  • Turns sensor blue light on/off

  • Turns defogger on or off

Lifetime Limited Warranty

Slique™ mirrors are backed up by a lifetime warranty.
Complete peace of mind!
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