The Urban 16 Wall Hung Linen Cabinet Collection

  • Wall hung Linen Cabinet features 2 fully adjustable soft-closing doors.
  • Full 15" depth for ample and functional storage space.
  • Allows easy storage of folded towels.
  • Cabinet doors with adjustable Clear tempered glass shelves and retainers for full visibility.
  • Total of 10 adjustable tempered glass shelves for space allocation customization.
  • Available left or right hand.
  • Available finishes: Walnut (WA), Glossy White (GW), White (WH) Ash Grey (AG), Whisper Grey (WG), Studio Grey (TG), Sapphire (SA), Brandy (BR).
Wood Finishes
Ash Grey

Ash Grey (AG)


Brandy (BR)

Glossy White

Glossy White (GW)


White (WH)


Sapphire (SA)

Studio Grey

Studio Grey


Walnut (WA)

Whisper Grey

Whisper Grey (WG)

Specifications and Installation Guide
Item Numbers and Description
# Cabinet with L-Feet Description Finish
1 LCAS-161560-L002-WA Left Hand Hinged Walnut
2 LCAS-161560-R002-WA Right Hand Hinged Walnut
3 LCAS-161560-L002-GW Left Hand Hinged Glossy White
4 LCAS-161560-R002-GW Right Hand Hinged Glossy White
5 LCAS-161560-L002-WH Left Hand Hinged White
6 LCAS-161560-R002-WH Right Hand Hinged White
7 LCAS-161560-L002-AG Left Hand Hinged Ash Grey
8 LCAS-161560-R002-AG Right Hand Hinged Ash Grey
9 LCAS-161560-L002-WG Left Hand Hinged Whisper Grey
10 LCAS-161560-R002-WG Right Hand Hinged Whisper Grey
11 LCAS-161560-L002-TG Left Hand Hinged Studio Grey
12 LCAS-161560-R002-TG Right Hand Hinged Studio Grey
13 LCAS-161560-L002-SA Left Hand Hinged Sapphire
14 LCAS-161560-R002-SA Right Hand Hinged Sapphire
15 LCAS-161560-L002-BR Left Hand Hinged Brandy
16 LCAS-161560-R002-BR Right Hand Hinged Brandy
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