X-Stone- Madeli's True Solid Surface

After years of research, Madeli is introducing its X-Stone™ Solid Surface Collection of countertops and basins Manufactured with its exclusive and proprietary blend of solid surface ingredients to achieve a Glossy White finish, X-Stone™ Solid Surface offers superior quality and benefits when compared to most engineered or surface-coated mineral composite products.

Unlike other composite materials which are fabricated with a thin colored polyester cap layered over a polyester/limestone substrate with hollow and void areas, X-Stone™ is a non-porous and monolithic material. It's solid all the way through and its finish is infinitely renewable if damaged. X-Stone's Glossy White finish is resistant to stain, mold and mildew. It's easy to clean and maintain.

Due to its 65% organic ATH (Aluminum Tri-hydrate) composition, X-Stone™ is fire retardant and 30% lighter than other "less than solid" tops. Its surface is also harder and offers superior scratch resistance.

Madeli X-Stone™ Collection stands by its 10-year Limited Residential Warranty.

Comparative Features X-Stone Surface Coated Mineral Composite
Solid surface all throughout
Coated Surface
Fire Retardant
Surface Hardness and Resistance Superior
Stain/Mold/Mildew Resistance
Easy to Maintain Superior
Color Stability Superior
Lighter Weight
10-Year Warranty