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The Portrait II Slique™ Mirror Collection combines the elegance of a contemporary and elegant frame with the minimalistic styling of a single band of frosted light for front and wall glow surround lighting. The frame comes in four finishes to match your faucets and vanity handles or feet. The Lumen Touch II™ Sensor Technology offers warm 2700 kelvin mood or daylight 4000 kelvin task lighting right at your fingertips for the right moment. Dimmable at the touch, the innovative Lumen Touch II™ also controls the independent, built-in defogger to keep your mirror moisture free and crystal clear. The built-in digital memory always keeps your last settings, even the on/off setting when a wall switch is used.

Specifications, Installation and User's Guide
Features and Benefits
  • Ultra-Slim Profile 3/4˝ Floating Frame: Engineered to house our powerful compact electronics, and still float elegantly just a mere 3/4˝ off-the-wall! A Madeli exclusive—less than half the depth of most brands.

  • Elegant Slim Frame floats ½˝ off the wall to allow the diffusion of surround wall-glow lighting. The frame’s four finishes - Polished Chrome, Brushed Nickel, Matte Black and Satin Brass - are perfect match for your faucets and vanity handles and feet.

  • 4 Frame Finishes
    Polished Chrome

    Polished Chrome

    Brushed Nickel

    Brushed Nickel

    Satin Brass

    Satin Brass

    Matte Black

    Matte Black

  • Dual Light Functionality: Exclusive Acrylens™ acrylic medium evenly diffuses fully customizable, surround lighting for shadow-free reflection, plus soft, diffused perimeter lighting on wall for accent or nightlight effect.

  • PureClear™ LEDs offer the option of warm 2700 kelvin mood lighting or daylight 4000 kelvin task lighting setting and the nearly perfect accuracy and reproduction of high-quality CRI 90+ light sources. Mood or task lighting at your fingertips!

  • Built-in dimmer and digital memory. LumenTouch II™ Sensor Technology allows you to dim the light to the right setting. Select the warm 2700 kelvin mood lighting ambiance or the daylight 4000 kelvin task setting. The built-in dimmer eliminates the need for wall dimmers. The digital memory keeps your last setting in memory for ease of use, even the on/off setting when a wall switch is used.

  • Night Light mode is available in two ways: Dim the perimeter light band to the appropriate level or simply leave the two switch windows on their blue glow setting. They’ve been designed for perfect night vision.

  • Built-in Full-Width Defogger with Independent on/off touch switch with one-hour auto turn-off for energy conservation.

  • Copper-free and GreenShield™ Protective Backing to avoid potential black edges.

  • Safety film backed mirror for added confidence.

  • Aluminum French Cleat hangers for functional and easy installation.

  • Dual installation: can be hung vertically or horizontally, offering 27 configurations.

  • Certified to UL/ULC

  • Lifetime Limited Warranty for peace of mind.

All Slique Features & Benefits
Available Sizes
Lumen Touch™ Dimmer Acrylens Wall Glow Defogger With On/Off Switch Width Height Item *
20" 30" IM-PT2030-23-XX
20" 36" IM-PT2036-23-XX
24" 30" IM-PT2430-23-XX
24" 36" IM-PT2436-23-XX
24" 42" IM-PT2442-23-XX
24" 48" IM-PT2448-23-XX
30" 30" IM-PT3030-23-XX
30" 36" IM-PT3036-23-XX
30" 42" IM-PT3042-23-XX
36" 30" IM-PT3630-23-XX
36" 36" IM-PT3636-23-XX
36" 42" IM-PT3642-23-XX
42" 24" IM-PT2442-23-XX *
42" 30" IM-PT4230-23-XX
42" 36" IM-PT4236-23-XX
42" 42" IM-PT4242-23-XX
42" 48" IM-PT4842-23-XX *
48" 24" IM-PT2448-23-XX *
48" 30" IM-PT4830-23-XX
48" 36" IM-PT4836-23-XX
48" 42" IM-PT4842-23-XX
60" 30" IM-PT6030-23-XX
60" 36" IM-PT6036-23-XX
60" 42" IM-PT6042-23-XX
72" 30" IM-PT7230-23-XX
72" 36" IM-PT7236-23-XX
72" 42" IM-PT7242-23-XX

* This size comes with the 2 (On/Off and Defogger) switches located in the bottom-left corner in a vertical configuration

20" x 30"

20" x 36"

24" x 30"

24" x 36"

24" x 42"

24" x 48"

30" x 30"

30" x 36"

30" x 42"

36" x 30"

36" x 36"

36" x 42"

42" x 24" *

42" x 30"

42" x 36"

42" x 42"

42" x 48" *

48" x 24" *

48" x 30"

48" x 36"

48" x 42"

60" x 30"

60" x 36"

60" x 42"

72" x 30"

72" x 36"

72" x 42"

* This size comes with the 2 (On/Off and Defogger) switches located in the bottom-left corner in a vertical configuration

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